When you research the internet for land or tree clearing cost .you will find the cost widely varies considerably.  The reasons for the variables include the size of the material being removed, the amount of equipment being launched for the job, the amount of material for example how many trees per foot to clear and the terrain.  The terrain factors in the slopes and hills on the property, if there are a lot of rocks or standing water that we need avoid.   In ideal, flat ground of brush type material and trees 3-4 inches in diameter several acres a day  is not uncommon.  



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We work hard to ensure your satisfaction and make your property on you can enjoy.
​We work hard to ensure your satisfaction and make your property one you can enjoy.

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We guarantee and honest days work of 8 hours a day on the job and clocking 7 about  hours of machine run time clearing brush and trees.

The machine must cool a tad  and occaisionally we have to clear debis or make equipment adjustments to keep the machine running at it's optimum.

We guarentee our equipment is maintained to the highest level for optimal performance and it is some of of the fastest equipment in the industry

Clearing trees and brush should be a minimum of 1 acres per day and a maximum of 4 acres per day depending on the variables of species and how trees per acre many per acre . Averaging 2-3 acres per day.  It's possible to encounter all of the variables listed above on one property site.


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Common variables in cost and amounts cleared in a day include:

  •  Amount of trees or brush in a square foot.
  •  The overall size of trees (height and diameter).
  •  Tree Species (vary in hardness)
  •  Hills and Dips in the terrain.
  •  Rocks  can damage equipment  and are avoided.
  •  How fine you would like the trees mulched up 
  •  The amount of trees we need to go around.